Chris Morgan Photography was started in the aim to bring Quality Photography services to people who couldn’t afford the common massive expenses of professional photographers.

The idea of starting my own photography service was to provide the opportunity to people that would normally have to rely on friends to do the photos for them. While sometimes this can have it’s advantages, it is very hard to find people with the ‘Eye’ and passion for photography.

With the continual advancements in digital camera’s it does make it easy for any Joe (or Jane) Bloggs to take   good looking photos. The problem with Uncle Bloggs taking photos, you often get poor results or only a couple of GREAT photos. One reason can be failing to adjust to different lighting requirements (whilst an SLR’s auto function is handy, it quite often fails to get the best exposure and corrections). Sure you can raise the ISO settings, but now you only have a 4″x6″ photo, don’t bother trying to get an enlargement.

The other big issue with Uncle Bloggs is you don’t normally find one with relevant Post production experience. This is a very important aspect to wedding photos.
This is why you want at least someone with relevant experience and knowledge of the camera they are using.

So why should you choose me?
Well see for yourself the quality of photos that can be taken from a good photographer on this site. This is only a small selection of my photos.

Improving my skills over the last 10 years, I have found my love and passion for photography.
With a passion for motorsport and music I decided to put my passions together, but rather than coming up with Rock and Roll racing (cool idea, might have to patent that).
I have spent the last 7 years perfecting my skills with Sport, Concert and major Event photography.

Because photography is my passion and hobby and not my main source of income, I do not need to charge the horrendous amount that can be found on most photographers pages. This is why I can offer the following  deals for all my photography services

  • Low, fixed hourly rate. Or fixed price quote.
  • Referral promotions. Refer my services to anyone and we will make sure it’s worth your while*
  • Free hosting for life* of your wedding photos on a password protected page – Show your friends and family your photos whilst keeping your privacy.
  • Professional printing services directly from my website. Printing provided by world leading printers Queensberry

If you are looking for a photographer for Concerts, Sports, Weddings, Major Events or even something out of left field. Feel free to contact me to arrange an obligation free quote.